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How the camel has intercourse

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Question: Publication date: 12-03-2004
Title:   How the camel has intercourse
Content:   After all the doubts and vacillations, I found a wonderful proof for the knowledge of the Sages in the natural sciences.

The Gemara in Bechorot 8a states: "All [animals] have intercourse face to back, aside from three who have intercourse face to face, and they are the fish, man, and the snake. These three have intercourse so for the Shechinah spoke to them. It is taught that the camel has intercourse backside to backside."
To the fleshly eyes it does not seem so, but Chazal, with the Holy Spirit, knew the truth. The lack is in we who are sunk in the material, in lechery, in the unending pursuit of the matters of this world.
Let us see what the expert has to say about this. Or will this response, too, which opposes his world view, be censored?
Truth and peace love one another.

Words of the Revealer of the Deep

Answer: Publication date: 12-03-2004
Title:   How the camel has intercourse
Content:   Hello,

Thus do the faithful follow their perverse path. At first they make something up and afterwards use it as proof for the knowledge of the Sages on nature, channeled from the Holy Spirit. If you tell them "The camel cannot have intercourse backside to backside" he will answer you in his innocent faith "Chazal are the ones who determine reality, and not your fleshly eyes."
It reminds me of what a young kollel student told me when I spoke to him over the phone. He brought me proof of the existence of a god who even supervises the animals: when the doe, it is said in the Talmud, kneels to give birth, the fawn is in danger because the doe's womb is narrow. The holy One, blessed be He, who nourishes all, from the horns of rams to the eggs of lice, spends her a snake to strike venom into her womb and expand it. The fawn comes out to the light of the world safely.
Thus, too, the mountain goat. When it is time for her to give birth, she stands at the top of a cliff and releases the newborn into the abyss. It falls until the holy One, blessed be He, sends an eagle to catch it.
I told him that this is not reality. He responded that he heard this from Rav Shach (who at the time was alive) in his attempt to prove G-d's existence, and this served as a sign that this is real and actual. See the essay The Conversation of The Sages is Naught but Lewdness....
Incidentally, the Shechinah spoke with man, the snake, and the fish. Man and the snake were spoken to at the incident of Adam eating from the Tree of Knowledge. Of the fish it is said, "And G-d spoke to the fish" (Jonah 2:11).
N.B. Daat Emet does not censor. There is much work and not enough time to post all the questions and responses. We filter based on our view of the importance of the topic. We apologize.


Daat Emet

Answer: Publication date: 14-03-2004
Title:   How the camel has intercourse
Content:   If you've already mentioned Rabbi Yisrael Shach--he brought a wonderful claim (told to me by a friend who, Heaven help us, left religion, and who told me he heard it from the rabbi) proving that Torah is from the Heavens:
It is clear to all that there is no creation with a Creator.
Someone created the world. Is it conceivable that a manufacturer would not give manufacturer's instructions?
I have also heard this from the sage of the secret, Amnon Yitzchak. There must be manufacturer's instructions, which are the Torah.
It does indeed require some scrutiny of the words of our sages. Is it conceivable that the manufacturer would attach his instructions thousands of years after supplying the product?
We also need to look at what connection "manufacturer's instructions" have with the Torah, for the Torah does not teach us about health, sowing and harvesting, etc., all the matters of the world. This requires study.
But do not weaken, though the words of our rabbis are engraved in stone, as it is written "and as a hammer shatters stone…" Perhaps you have the answer!

Revealer of the Deep

Answer: Publication date: 14-03-2004
Title:   How the camel has intercourse
Content:   Hello,

We have already written an answer to the nonsense of parables given by those who "prove" the faith in our response to Do you believe in G-d?. To make things easier for you, we will quote a section thereof: "A painting or paragraph we know in advance was drawn or written by a person. It is not the pretty picture or the complexity of the paragraph which proves it was drawn or written by a man, it is the knowledge that men draw and write which lead us to the understanding that a man made this. If man did not know how to write and I saw exceptionally well organized writings, I would wonder 'who did this?'"


Daat Emet

Response: Publication date: 28-03-2004
Title:   How the camel has intercourse
Content:   Hello,

All the claims about the various statements by Chazal which do not match the scientific truth and all the claims by religious people that even if we see things with our own eyes they have no value for the words written in the Torah are truth and all the rest lies, even if scientifically proven, for we clearly see that they are deep, deep within their blind faith and do not think.

All these claims begin with a lack of the most minimal knowledge of all aspects of religion, in particular its depth.

I will explain:
The knowledge, and particularly the feeling, which is common is that whatever I do not understand is not correct, whatever I do not comprehend is never correct.
While this is true, the problem arises when one starts without the background of the religious knowledge I spoke of.
For example, if we read all of Einstein's essays, all of them (and it is said he published millions), all full of enormous wisdom. The further I get into them, experience and the past will prove that even when I don't understand Einstein's words, I will go to someone more talented, and even if they pass me on to another person and then to the next, the question will not be "What nonsense is written here," but "what a fool I am, why don't I understand this."
And, mainly, what don't I understand…
Even when I, finally, get to the top person whom everyone on the way up praised and commended for his understanding, his talent, and his infinite depth, and that person gives me an answer I cannot understand, experience shows that it is I who do not understand, but that apparently his words are true.
I'm sorry for the length, but this must be as clear as possible. [Note" Daat Emet shortened the example because it was so long.]
Instead of concentrating on a small point in the Torah from the vast sea of information, depth, and wisdom, and thinking that if I don't understand it means a lack of truth or thinking that I understand everything and there is nothing I can't understand. At most I lack information, but it is clearly assumed that I understand every single issue in its infinite depth. Let's start learning the books slowly, in order, and first admit how mentally deficient we are, how little we think, and how far understanding is from me.
When I have a question about something I do not understand, but my past experience has proven, a million times over, the wisdom and infinite depth of the book and its uncompromising truth and my frightful and awful stupidity, then I might begin to go further and at the end will understand all parts of the Torah.

In any case, one who wants to see a drop of the Torah's depth is welcome to send me email and I will try to respond as quickly as possible; we'll see where things lead.



Answer: Publication date: 28-03-2004
Title:   How the camel has intercourse
Content:   Dear Sharon,

The parable of Einstein's books is correct, but the comparison drawn (the Torah) is not.
The Written and the Oral Torahs have nothing of philosophy, wisdom, or science in them. They are books which demand and require laws which suit the darkness of the Middle Ages.
Instead of writing long parables as religious people do, bring us even one example of Torah wisdom which would cause a reasonable person to be astonished.
The Daat Emet writers learned in the yeshiva world for many years, and the more they read and learned, the more they saw the wretchedness and poverty of the Torah, contrasted to the books of wisdom written in academic institutions.
N.B. There is no doubt that religious people managed to pull all independent thought out of you and caused you to think that you don't understand anything and are stupid. Only in this way can they market their nonsense.


Daat Emet

Answer: Publication date: 02-04-2004
Title:   How the camel has intercourse
Content:   I only saw Sharon's response today.

Dear Sharon,

You completely ignored Daat Emet's claims. It's not the contradictions between Torah and science, it's the morality, the stale values written in the Torah.
This is not the place to list them.
It's really got no connection to our sages and our knowledge. It is not important what nation a woman who is about to give birth belongs to. Our internal morality requires us to help her. (And not the nonsense one correspondent wrote, that the Creator knows that in the end this newborn will rise up to destroy us. The reason has to do with the Sabbath, etc.)
Of course I agree with the words of the respondent and wait for words of wisdom from the Torah (there are such, but they drown in a sea of nonsense).


Revealer of the Deep

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